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In The Park 在公園

此為挪石社推出黃海欣「HHH 系列」之第一部作品。 
It is the first publication of Hai-Hsin Huang's "HHH Series" launched by nos:books.

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現居紐約的台灣藝術家黃海欣,擅長速寫描繪人物與時事動態。黃海欣從Ikea家俱組裝說明書發想,繪出一系列單人組裝Ikea傢俱的滑稽情景,道盡現代單身人士行走江湖的困境。 書中IKEA說明書圖像獲官方授權使用。 
Inspired by Ikea’s furniture assembly manuals that often illustrate two persons assembling the furniture, Hai Hsin Huang instead illustrates one person doing it alone, playfully and painfully.  IKEA illustrations in the book are used by official permission.


黃海欣《現在過去式》 本書與《沒有未來》同步出版。《沒有未來》描繪紐約MET大都會美術館那宏觀的眾生相,《現在過去式》則截取其中人物的大特寫,獨立成書,呈現微觀的精神面貌。我們特別以傳統活版印刷機印製,致力表現藝術家描寫人物的精湛技藝。兩書一大一小,忠實呈現藝術家眼中的場景片刻及人物神情。 
Now is the Past is jointly published with There is No Future by the same artist. While There is No Future vividly depicts the crowds of curious visitors of the Metropolitan Museum in New York, Now is the Past blows-up and focuses on the faces of the personages. We print the miniature book by traditional letterpress machines, making you look closer to each and every masterly portraits. The two books, big and small, genuinely capture Huang's macro- and micro-scopic views of the world.